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The best Madrid walking tour ever: Monumental Madrid

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The route, walk or monumental itinerary of Madrid proposed by MadridFlash is special, because if there is one thing that Madrid has of relevance it is its history and its monuments. The route, which is done on foot, begins at the Plaza de España, monument to the illustrious Don Miguel Cervantes. Continue to the famous Royal Palace of Madrid, passing by the Almudena Cathedral, Calle Mayor, Plaza de la Villa, San Miguel Market, until you reach the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. As a recommendation, we suggest that you are prepared, prepared to walk and willing to enjoy a route of exceptional quality.

Madridflash Plaza Mayor de Madrid

The Route

  1. Plaza de España: a monument in honour of Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote of La Mancha and Sancho Panza). Very well located, with an exceptional view of Gran Vía and right overlooking Calle de la Princesa. The photograph of the monument to Don Quixote is usually very famous. The España building and the Torre de España, emblematic buildings adorn it, and the surroundings of the square. Highlighting the beautiful architecture of the Gallardo building at the beginning of Ferraz Street. The Plaza de España is the start of the route. To get there, we recommend an UBER, Taxi or the Metro (Plaza España Station lines 3-Yellow or 10-Blue). 
  2. Congress of Spain: after visiting and touring the Plaza España, head to the building of the Congress of Spain, one of the political centers of the city, it will be our next meeting point. A semi-hidden building on the road to the Sabatini Gardens. In the back, you will have an excellent view of the Plaza de España and its surrounding buildings. Be sure to look back and take the respective photo. 
  3. Sabatini Gardens: then you will find on your right, the gardens of the Royal Palace (to the north). A very well maintained plant labyrinth. Going down the stairs you can access the gardens and enjoy the views. Walk through the gardens and take the obligatory photos. Depending on the time of year, there are usually shows inside. 
  4. Plaza de Oriente: monument to the kings. In the centre of the square is the equestrian statue of Philip IV, and around it different sculptures of other Spanish kings from different periods of the Kingdom of Spain. It’s an excellent space to take photos, rest, have a drink, or just travel back in time with your mind. It collides with the Royal Theatre, the Royal Palace and the streets surrounding the square. The café de Oriente is famous, very touristy, where you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the real surroundings.
  5. Royal Palace: although it is not the official residence of His Majesty the King of Spain, it is a building dedicated to great ceremonies, events and happenings. It can be visited almost daily, it belongs to the national heritage of Spain. On the last Wednesday of each month, it is possible to see the imposing changing of the royal guard, just outside the palace. It is one of the top monuments in Madrid. It is of a Baroque architectural style (1892).
  6. Almudena Cathedral: the church that is the seat of the episcopate of Madrid. Princes have been married in it and masses of high Catholic and social relevance have been celebrated. A monument worth visiting. One of the main churches in Madrid. With truly spectacular architecture. Neo-Gothic Style (1993).
  7. Calle Mayor: one of the most central streets in the capital. In it we can see the history of the city, with its architecture and monuments that make it unique.
  8. Plaza de la Villa: it houses the Casa de la Villa, an important monumental building in Madrid. Until recently, the seat of the Mayor of the City of Madrid. Excellent architecture, with a high cultural and historical value. It is one of the medieval centres of the city of Madrid. It dates back to the 15th century. It is one of the most beautiful squares in Madrid.
  9. Mercado de San Miguel: a traditional market, converted into a modern market. In it you will be able to “tapas”, regain strength. It is a very touristy place, with a large influx of visitors. One of the trendiest places in the capital. Be sure to visit it.
  10. Plaza Mayor: the cultural, social and political epicentre of Madrid. It once served as a bullring. An architectural monument worth seeing. We could say that it is the center of Madrid. Where the main manifestations that give life to the city converge.  It is located practically next to the Mercado de San Miguel. And it serves as the end of the monumental route or walk of Madrid. It dates back to the 15th century. Equestrian sculpture of Philip II. The Bakery House. The Arch of Cudillero.

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The Route in a Flash

  • Start: Plaza de España. Plaza España Metro Station (Lines 3 and 10).
  • How to get there: The most convenient by Metro (line 3 – yellow or line 10 – blue)
  • Ends: Plaza Mayor in Madrid
  • Duration: Four (4) hours approximately
  • Main attractions: Royal Palace, Plaza de la Villa, Plaza Mayor, Plaza España.
  • Where to eat: Mercado de San Miguel – Plaza Mayor

The best Madrid walking tour ever: Monumental Madrid
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