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Bullfight Madrid (Spain)

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What to do in Madrid? Where to go in Madrid? What is typical in Madrid? Where do the people of Madrid go? Sightseeing in Madrid? What to see in Madrid? Shows in Madrid? If those questions are part of your agenda, the answer is simple: go to a bullfight in the Plaza de las Ventas in Madrid. A “temple” dedicated to the festival and the art of bullfighting. Even if you are not a lover of the spectacle of bullfighting, visiting and strolling through the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas is quite a spectacle.

The bullfighting season in the Plaza de las Ventas in Madrid usually takes place between spring (May) and lasts until the end of summer (September), however, it is always good to visit the official website of the Plaza de Toros for first-hand information.

The special month or date is usually the framework of the San Isidro Fair in Madrid, which is held every year during the month of May. Great bullfighters fill the posters of the fair, making it difficult to acquire an access ticket. However, there are other fairly inexpensive alternatives that usually occur throughout the bullfighting season.

A bullfight in Las Ventas in a flash

The Plaza de las Ventas is located in the central Calle Alcalá, exactly at number 237 of the same street. It is easily accessible and has hotels, shops, taverns, and other places of interest nearby. It is very common to see tour buses that stop in the square full of tourists eager to take a photo in front of such a monument.


  • Name:  Las Ventas Bullring
  • Address: Calle Alcalá, 237
  • Web:

How to get to La Plaza de Toros de Madrid (Las Ventas)

  • Subway: Las Ventas Station, you can get there by line 2 (red).
  • Walking: It is located in an area a little far from the center, so it is difficult to get there on foot.
  • Taxi/Uber: Another option is how and valid depending on where you are.
  • Bus: Several pass through the Plaza de Toros: 12, 21, 38, 53, 106, 110 and 146

 Access & Price

  • Square. Prices range from €2.20 (bullfights) to €126 (bullfights).
  • Several. The sightseeing tour of the Plaza is an alternative.
  • Tour Price. €7 adults and €5 children.

The Bullring in a Flash

  • Capacity: 23,798 locations
  • Inaugurated: June 17, 1931
  • Name: Las Ventas del Espíritu Santo Bullring
  • Official Website:
  • Address: Calle Alcalá, 237
  • Subway: Station Ventas (Red Line)

Glossary of basic terms

  • Veronica : A special pass used by the bullfighter.
  • Rejoneo: Killing Toros to Horse
  • Tail: Highest trophy awarded to the bullfighter for the work.
  • Ear: Trophy awarded to the bullfighter. It can be 1 or 2.
  • Puerta Grande: Main entrance to the square where the winning bullfighters are taken out in the afternoon.
  • Rapier: Sword with which the bull is killed.
  • Banderilla: Colorful tweezers that are nailed with the hands
  • White Handkerchiefs: Crowd sign to ask for trophies
  • Yellow Scarf: Signal to pardon the bull
  • Green scarf: Signal to return the bull to the corral
  • Picador: Rider on horseback who stings the bull to prevent it from charging by raising its head
  • Jab: Failed attempt to kill the bull with the sword
  • Paso doble: Type of music played by the bands in the square
  • Crutch: Piece of red cloth to bullfight the bull
  • Montera: Hat worn by the bullfighter and assistants
  • Gang: The bullfighter’s human team (group). Assistants.
  • Cloak: Fuchsia and yellow coat (reverse).
  • Burladero: Wooden shelter where in front of the arena
  • Arena: Arena circle where bullfighting takes place

Plaza de Toros (Las Ventas – Madrid): Top 10

Going to a bullfight in Madrid is quite an experience. Along with football, bullfighting is one of the favourite traditions of the people of Madrid. Especially at the time of the fair (San Isidro). Particularly the Rejones, bullfights on horseback, where horse and bullfighter come together in a kind of symbiosis that is very interesting to see. The horses are dressed in their best clothes, trained and willing to go around the bullring in search of and/or united with the bull. It is usually very well received by the public.

Bullfights are “enlivened” by music bands characteristic of bulls (e.g. paso dobles). The paso-dobles sound tasty and usually brighten up the afternoon.

Photo Gallery: Plaza de Toros de Madrid

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