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Madrid museums route

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The objective is: an encounter with art and culture of Madrid in all its senses, accompanied by walks, shopping for souvenirs and the feeling of the great museums of the world. That’s all. And of course, Madrid is one of the most cultural cities in the world. This is evidenced precisely by the present itinerary or route. That is why we have prepared it especially for your enjoyment. The itinerary is as follows:

  • Start of the Art Route
  • Visit to the Reina Sofia Museum
  • Walk through the Botanical Garden of Madrid
  • Walk along the Paseo del Prado
  • Visit to the Prado Museum
  • Photography at Plaza Neptuno
  • Visit to the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum
  • End of the Art Route
Museums Madrid

The Route

  1. Go to the Reina Sofia Museum, the best alternative to get there is the Metro. The Metro station is the Estación del Arte (Line 1 – Light Blue), and once at the station take the Glorieta de Carlos V exit. Another option is to go by UBER, Taxi or Cabify.
  2. Access the Plaza del Museo Reina Sofía, where you will see the main entrance of the museum.
  3. Visit to the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, where you can enjoy his great works. Be sure to see Picasso’s Garnica and access the “extension” or new wing of the museum. Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir of the visit.
  4. Go back to the Plaza del Museo Reina Sofía.
  5. Recharge your batteries, in the surroundings of the square there are bars and establishments specializing in all kinds of food.
  6. Make your way to Paseo El Prado where you can enjoy the heart and center of the city.
  7. Walk along the left sidewalk where you’ll find the CaixaForum, a cultural center where there’s always something to see. If you have time you can dispense a visit, it’s worth it. Otherwise, the photograph of its façade is special.
  8. Cross the avenue and access the surroundings of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, it is located right on the way to the Prado Museum.
  9. Take the photo of the botanical garden.
  10. Keep walking and you will arrive at the Prado Museum, its building is unique and large.
  11. Take the obligatory photographs, especially of the statue of Velasquez along the way.
  12. Access the main entrance of the Prado Museum.
  13. Buy your ticket and access the museum
  14. Be sure to visit Velásquez’s La Meninas and Goya’s frescoes.
  15. Buy the souvenir of your visit.
  16. Cross the street in the direction of Neptune Square. Photograph the Plaza.
  17. Continue walking along the Paseo del Prado until you reach the Thyssen Museum
  18. Access the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum
  19. Visit its permanent collection and any special exhibition, there is always one of interest.
  20. Buy your souvenir.
  21. End of the art route.


The surroundings of the route or art walk of Madrid are full of singularities worthy of being photographed, depending on the time of year you can find exhibitions of urban (street) art, where you can “touch” works of art placed in the middle of the road. An example is the exhibition of cows throughout the city.

El Prado Museum Madrid

The book fair is usually special, as the booksellers of the Cuesta de Moyano (a street just at the beginning of the Paseo del Prado), usually set up their kiosks with hundreds of old books and printed material of all kinds. In spring and autumn, the Botanical Garden is at its best, with vegetation and flowers of all kinds adorning its surroundings. Sculptures, architecture, people, and other subjects are elements that are well worth a photograph. Neptune Square is an excellent option.

The museums themselves offer a whole opportunity to be photographed, the only setback is that many of them, if not all, do not allow cameras inside their facilities, check before entering to avoid inconvenience. In any case, the surroundings of the Museums are so spectacular that photographing them is an excellent memory. The sunsets are the most striking, as always, the light is usually warmer and more in line with the subjects.

The 3 Museums in a Flash

  • How to get to the start of the route: Arte Metro Station (Line 1), exit Glorieta Carlos V.  Other options are: Taxi, UBER or Cabify (similar to Uber)
  • Duration: One (1) day.
  • Route: From the Reina Sofía Museum, passing through the Paseo del Prado, CaixaForum, Royal Botanical Garden and Thyssen Bornemisza
  • Buy tickets in Advance: Prado Museum, Reina Sofía Museum & Thyssen Bosnemisza Museum
Madrid museums route
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Madrid museums route
Explore Madrid's rich cultural scene with museum routes tailored for international travelers. From the iconic Prado Museum to the contemporary Reina Sofía, experience the city's artistic diversity and history.
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