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Walk along Huertas Street in Madrid

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One of the most interesting streets in Madrid is without a doubt some of the Calle de las Huertas. Located in the Barrio de Las Letras neighborhood, it is a pedestrian street that every visitor must walk along. From Paseo del Prado to Plaza Santa Ana. the route is full of unique alleys. bars, taverns, antique stores, architecture, and terraces where to share with friends make it very special.

Walking through it, you can read on the ground, some of them fragments of poems of the most famous Spanish poets. Photographing, walking, looking up, eating, dancing, or just watching are some of the things you can do. the activities of this street.                    

We could define it as a bohemian street, which is why it is located in the Barrio de Las Letras in Madrid. Birthplace of intellectuals, poets, writers and literary. At night, it becomes a great way to go out for drinks. and dance a little. There are many locations available.

To eat at Calle de Las Huertas in Madrid there is a good option. Eating at the tavern Maceiras, although not madrileño, since it serves Galician food, it is an option to eat. Because it is Galician food, fish and fish products are seafood stand out on the menu. It is informal, it tends to be very crowded, it is not make reservations and waiting can be long. Such overcrowding sometimes causes waiters and waitresses to be overwhelmed. Moderate prices. There is another tavern very close by at Calle Jesús number 7. Phone: +34 914 295 818.

Another option for snacks and drinks is the century-old tavern “Casa Alberto”, at the crossroads arriving at the Plaza de Santa Ana, is located this tavern. Typical Madrid tavern.

Our recommendation is to go through it in the direction Paseo del Prado to the bustling and touristic Plaza Santa Ana.


How to get there:     Walk del Prado, Estación del Arte Station, Line 1 (light blue)

Duration:           2 hours (depending on other activities)

Suggestions:      Tavern Maceiras, 66, Las Huertas Street

                               Ice cream shop Giuseppe Ricci

                               Tavern centenary “Casa Alberto”, Calle de las Huertas, 18

Taberna el Sur de Huertas, C. de las Huertas, 24